Test Plans

Public part

  1. Create new account.
  2. Investigate TIMEX.
  3. Add existing account having mnemonic.
  4. Add existing account having private key.
  5. Add existing account having stored wallet.
  6. Log in.

Private part

Common operations user

  1. Configure statistic view.
  2. Upgrade verification level.
  3. Set up notifications.
  4. Set up 2FA account.
  5. Change password.
  6. Change other settings.
  7. Congifure tokens board.

Money transfer user

  1. Send tokens to recipient address. (2x)
  2. Deposit tokens. (2x)
  3. Wrap tokens. (2x)
  4. Unwrap tokens. (2x)
  5. Withdraw tokens. (2x)

Market maker

  1. Supply prices in order book with considering the limit of trade allowance.
  2. Claim bonus.
  3. Manage orders: remove and cancel orders.


  1. Set up limits for trade allowance. Enable / disable token trade allowance. (2x)
  2. Trade tokens with considering the limit of trade allowance. Change time frame. (2x)

2FA sign

Watch 2x - With 2FA sign with skipping and without skipping