The Statistics section presents tokens and ETH rates to other currencies.


Configuring the Token List

You can configure the Token List in the Balances section.

Configuring the Currency List

You can configure the Currency List for each token:

  1. Click the More button to configure view.


  1. Enable/disable the currency toggles.


  1. Check it on the dashboard.

Top panel

On the Top panel you can see the last trading pairs changes which you add to the Favourites List.


On the Top Panel you can:

Manage the Favourites List

  1. Click the More button .
  2. Manage the Favourites List by clicking the trading pairs.


Go to the Instruments List

Click the trading pair on the Top Panel to go to the Instruments List in the Trading Section.


The Statistics section contains tips like "Setup 2FA", "Upgrade verification level".

  1. Click the Tips buttons.
  2. Close tips.