Create a new TIMEX account

If you don't have the existing account you should create the new one. You can create as many accounts as you want by giving the name to them and encrypting with password to save it on the local storage.

  1. On the Home Page click the Create an Account button.

  2. Fill in the Create an Account form: Account name, Password (2 times for confirmation, also check the password visibility by clicking the button ). Otherwise application warns you with required field hints.



  1. Click the Create New Account button.


Recovery phrase generating

Recovery phrase is useful to restore your account or log in application. Application generates recovery phrase for you. Read warning below, write down the recovery phrase and click the Confirm Phrase button.


Recovery phrase filling

  1. After recovery phrase generating, select phrase words by clicking the corresponding to them buttons in the right order. After every click, application checks your phrase with generated one and highlight right or wrong order with green or red color relatively.


  1. Check cancelling the last selecting word by clicking the Backspace button.
  2. Check clearing your selecting phrase entirely by clicking the Clear button.
  3. Return to the Recovery Phrase Generating page to remind this phrase by clicking the Back button.


  1. After recovery phrase selecting, click the Done button to download wallet backup.


Wallet Backup

  1. Download encrypted wallet file on the local storage by clicking the Backup My Wallet button.
  2. Check skipping this step by clicking the Continue button.



After creating new account, you can see your accounts.